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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
6:35 pm
Who: Dawn
What: meeting and dinner
When: January 15th
Invited: willow, SAm, Damien
Staus: Incomplete

Dawn was exhausted.She had a long day at school and then working inthe shop. Damien was comign over for dinner and admitedly, she was excited. something about the blonde  made her heart skip a few beats.
She  was running up the stairs when she ran into a girl she did not know. 
"hi. who are you ?" she asked.
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
2:39 pm
Backated post
Who: Damien Cloukiller
What: How he's connected
When: January 15th
Invited: Willow, Dawn
Staus: Incomplete

Will staggered down the street, a gaping wound in his left side, just below the ribcage. His last hunt had gone a little horribly, but he won in the end. There was also a large gash on his right shoulder, which made his arm hang limp, and seemingly boneless. Bright red, much brighter than normal, flowed almost freely from both wounds. ~Shit,~ he cursed to himself, ~I can‘t go to a hospital like this. Too many people asking too many questions. I have to go…..~ he scanned the area sensing high, powerful magic, ~there.~ Slowly, he made his way towards Willow’s shop, Made By Hand. Somehow, he managed to keep a tight grip on his sword, Chaos storm. The red and black blade of said sword was stained, and dripping with a bright green ichors. He stopped about half a block from Willow’s shop, leaning against a brick wall, and taking a few labored, raspy breaths, each one like a burning knife in his side.


Somehow, after about 10 minutes, he managed to push himself off the wall, and make it the rest of the way to Willow’s shop, which still had lights on inside. “Well, at least somebody’s there,” he muttered, making is way to the door. Leaning heavily on the door jamb, he raised a bloody hand, and knocked.

2:38 pm
Friday, April 27th, 2007
1:14 am

Who: Damien Cloudkiller
What: Background stuff
When:March 14th

Hi. I’m Damien. And, before you comment about it, yes, I know I resemble an anime character. But hey, that’s just how I was born. Or turned out. It gets confusing, so I try not to think about it. You see, I’m half demon. But, I didn’t know that, until about4 years ago, on my 13th birthday. Boy, that was a fun party. I’ll never forget the way my family dropped me in the woods, via chopper, with a starved, half crazed, full blooded chaos demon, with the stipulation that whomever killed whom, would become there true heir. How I hated them after that. Especially my father. My mother at least had the decency to look disturbed by the idea. My father’s face was just a cold mask of nothing. Then, they took off. Leaving me with the demon, who, of course, attacked me. He hit me twice, and ran off.

The weird part was, I could follow him. I could smell him. And the shot he took at me, didn’t even hurt. After that, it gets fuzzy. I kind of remember running through the woods, and, after a week, finding the chaos demon. After I found him, the next thing I knew, he was dead, and I was covered in his blood. A few more days, and my parents returned, and I began my training as a demon hunter. Of course, my father hated how I went through the training. I was ‘unorthodox in my techniques’ he said. So, he tried harder, and harder to destroy my techniques.

And now we come to why I have such a big sword. And no, I’m not compensating for anything. I was training at night. I require very little sleep. Don’t know why. But, as I was training, there was a flash of light, and another demon showed up right in front of me. My eyes narrowed, and I got ready. But then, he started clapping. “Very good, Damien. Very good.” He said.

“How do you know my name?” I asked him, still not getting out of my stance. “I’m your Godfather, as silly as that sounds. And, I have a gift for you, my boy.” He told me.

“What?” I asked, my stance forgotten. Then, there was another flash, and he was gone. In his place, was a sword, and a card. Like a birthday card. And also, his talisman. The card read: ‘This is ChaosStorm. It’s a bit like Mjolnir, my boy. Only those worthy of it, can lift it. Are you worthy?’ I picked up the sword with ease. Apparently, I was worthy. And, I took his talisman. After that, I felt as id I wasn’t safe anymore, so, I took what money I could, all $3000 of it, and left, heading to Portland. The rest, is history. I still hunt, and I’ve made small investments here, and there. Plus, I do some black market dealing for a little extra cash. I also go to school. So, that’s me.

Current Mood: nostalgic
1:56 am
Running away from it all...
You'd think that being the daughter of  a former Watcher and one of Los Angele's best attorneys;would be full of exciting new things to do on a daily basis, you'd be wrong. I had no problem with being the only heir to a multi-billion dollar lawfirm at age five, in fact back then I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I'd spend hours or days telling anyone that would listen to me that I wanted to be a CEO of a large coporate company just like my parents. That was when I was five though, since then it's been nothing , but an air tight schedule of school, ettiqte class, ballet, French, latin, and being trianed to use my powers. Think the strict  schedule of the white house only seventy times worse. Okay in order to explain why I'm so unhappy with my life these days, maybe I should start  at the begining. My dad and his friends came to Wolfram and Hart after they destroyed Jasmine, my mom offered them the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart. Uncle Angel and the others turned the offer down, dad had other ideas about it though, and after a little persuading from my mother he signed on the dotted line in blood and in triplicate.

So that's the short version of how my parents gained control of the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart, now onto  why I'm so damn miserable. It all started a few days ago, when mom came home early and I asked if I could skip all of my lessons and go shopping. Mom didn't like that so we argued and she tried to ground me, which didn't exactly work, because she has a hard time telling me no, they both do. So anyway I went through two more days of our regular schedule, before I just couldn't take it anymore. Don't get me wrong it's not like I didn't love living in the finest mansion, with the tightest security money could buy. The part I took major issue with was the fact that I one barely got to see my parents anymore due to their work and endless functions, and secondly I was tired of being treated as a high security priorty. It's 
been  like  living in a maximum prison the last few months, so I had to get out. I waited until mom and dad were asleep, and the stupid security guards weren't paying attention, and slipped out of my bedroom window with my packed bag. I'd done some snooping in dad's study earlier in the day and found out where to of his old friends/cinatcs from SunnyDale were now living. Portland Oregon here I come! I managed to quietly climb down the trellis that was outside my bedroom window. I had a few of my credit cards on me and cash . Once I made it out of my room I stealthily made my way across the huge grounds and out onto the street. Luckily we didn't live too far from a bust stop. I reached the bus stop and hopped onto the first bus to Portland. Several hours later I got off the bus in Portland and took a cab to the adress dad had written down in his huge book 'o contacts.  When the cab driver stopped infront of the adress I'd given him I smiled, then paid him, before getting out and walking up to the door. I knocked, and tried to think of something cool or smart to say when someone opened the door.  Hopefully they won't ask what a sixteen year old girl is doing on her own this far away from home. 

((Open to Willow and Dawn))

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
9:28 pm

When Sunnydale implored, the gang shattered like leaves in the fall. Where did they go, what did they do?

Giles went back to London, to pull the pieces of his life back together.

Dawn, along with Willow moved to Portland Oregon. Willow needed the ocean and the easy pace, while Dawn needed to be in a city. Willow owns a small shop that sells herbs, candles. She also sells handmade items such as soaps, body washes, scrubs, and other handmade items of clothing. Dawn goes to school, lives with Willow in a four bedroom house that is only blocks from her shop which is named By Hand.

Xander is in Cleveland, Ohio, working with a group of slayers, trying to keep the other hell mouth from going up around them. Buffy is in Italy, learning how to live. Faith has been traveling the country, trying to get herself pulled together. Andrew is unknown.

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