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Backated post

Who: Damien Cloukiller
What: How he's connected
When: January 15th
Invited: Willow, Dawn
Staus: Incomplete

Will staggered down the street, a gaping wound in his left side, just below the ribcage. His last hunt had gone a little horribly, but he won in the end. There was also a large gash on his right shoulder, which made his arm hang limp, and seemingly boneless. Bright red, much brighter than normal, flowed almost freely from both wounds. ~Shit,~ he cursed to himself, ~I can‘t go to a hospital like this. Too many people asking too many questions. I have to go…..~ he scanned the area sensing high, powerful magic, ~there.~ Slowly, he made his way towards Willow’s shop, Made By Hand. Somehow, he managed to keep a tight grip on his sword, Chaos storm. The red and black blade of said sword was stained, and dripping with a bright green ichors. He stopped about half a block from Willow’s shop, leaning against a brick wall, and taking a few labored, raspy breaths, each one like a burning knife in his side.


Somehow, after about 10 minutes, he managed to push himself off the wall, and make it the rest of the way to Willow’s shop, which still had lights on inside. “Well, at least somebody’s there,” he muttered, making is way to the door. Leaning heavily on the door jamb, he raised a bloody hand, and knocked.

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